What is "Lists Wiki?"Edit

Lists Wiki is a Wiki for lists of all kind! This is a lot like website "TheTopTens." But it's MOSTLY facts-based and stats-based (not opinion-based). Few are personal. Pick a genre, and get started!

(Votable lists information below)

Genres Edit

Sports 2
World 2
Movies 1
Animals 0
Books 0
Music 0
Video Games 0
Internet 0
TVShows 0
Food 0
Nature 0
Politics 0
History 0
Education 0
Misc. 0

Votable Lists Edit

Up there it said that it is MOSTLY facts and not opinion based. Some lists are votable.

How to Vote? Edit

Literally, just go to the list, comment your vote, and done. Or you can find me on Twitter somehow. Both works. @ZakarMC

Latest activityEdit

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